Market Data Management & Services

Market and management data solutions for online brokerages, exchanges, benchmarking agencies, prop traders, financial websites and start-ups.


Historical Tick Data: Derivation and Time-Machine Market Replay

A “YouTube for the market”.

Through the power derived from cloud computing, scalable solution is maintained, presenting unlimited capacity and optimum tick data storage, replay and access which cuts across the entire classes of asset options, equities, futures, indices, FX and custom data sets. Without any additional infrastructure, delivery is assured to the end-client from our reliable cloud system.


Managerial Solutions and construction price index

Full index management lifecycle automation technology.

The complexity involved in a separate documentation storage and management is eliminated through an easier way of documenting algorithms and methods used together with analytical expressions and code. Workflow automation and visual structuring. Data flow design and automation. Backtesting and analytics. Custom solutions and on-demand index construction

Options Cost Evaluation, Analytics and General Calculated Data Services

The Model-free, arb-free theoretical option prices calculation which are based on real-time or historical data and also pluggable-model calculations are duly provided by our options analytics engine. In delivery, pricing data may come along with a real-time data feed or might be calculated en masse depending on aggregated data and the historical on demand data store tick-level.

Reference Information, Rudimentary, Corporate Actions

Through conscientiously engineered APIs, Global Fundamentals and Corporate Actions data emerge with the aim of simplifying integration and enabling easy query of the global company fundamentals.

Colocation, Integration and Simplicity

Well articulated coverage and reach

Considerations geared towards clients in respect to rationalizing their infrastructure, minimizing their expenses on technology and enabling connections to a large community of market participants which include exchanges, execution brokers, purchasers and other technology service providers, justifies the choice of collocation data centers as a well thought out line of action with the benefits of our clients a priority.

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