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About us


Oceanwonders is an auxiliary tasked with the primary objective of providing information and services on financial markets to purchasing and sales institutions in the global financial industry with special reference to traders, data analysts, quantitative analysts and portfolio managers.

Oceanwonders has managed to build one of the most elaborate ticker plants in the globe since its establishment, and has been able to dominate its space by offering a broad range network of data services, eclipsing other single companies .

The company provides unrivalled range of cloud-based solutions through its headquarters in Munich, Germany, and branch offices spread across New York, Chicago, Istanbul, Porto and Tokyo. Among the range of solutions made available by Oceanwonders are, on-demand, real-time and historical market data services, reference data and corporate actions, “time machine” market replay, charting and aggregated data services.

Also available are fraud detection and advanced calculated data, multi-asset pricing engines, market scanners and alerts, as well as a unique set of index automation and maintenance solutions which are all delivered through a wide-range and feature-rich set of APIs and UI tools.

Oceanwonders through its pioneer development of the first VR/AR financial data visualization solutions, offers a suite of sophisticated data analytics tools and terminals. Oceanwonders is very appreciative of its working relations with some of the most revered experts in the Big Data sector, including those ranked among the top 10 programmers in the world. This resourceful relation has enabled Oceanwonders to develop one of the most advanced compression, storage, extraction and streaming protocol mechanisms in the industry which seamlessly combines efficiency, reliability and speed.

Ocean Wonders Limited

Global Gateway 8, Rue de la Perle, Providence, Mahe, Seychelles