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Consolidated Market Data Feed | Oceanwonders

Consolidated Market Data Feed

Consolidated Market Data Feed


Data Coverage

Oceanwonders is a technology characterized by its openness in proffering solution which provides data service delivery in normalized real-time, delayed market data for exchanges and other financial data sources worldwide. It runs on a proven and robust open infrastructure.

24×7×365 support. Being hosted in a resilient setup, the Oceanwonders platform boosts a functional layer on top of low latency consolidated data feed.

High – Quality information are made available to clients on a 24x7 basis, regardless of where and when it is needed. This is made possible through the connection of the Oceanwonders handlers with the market data sources and other proven data collection and delivery designed systems.

All integrated data from all sources are available in normalized Oceanwonders API form specially designed for easy use. Through the existing infrastructure developed over the years for optimum and up-scale performance, our clients are allowed the privilege to maximally leverage on our data distribution and management capabilities.